In the game, the Warriors gave a feeling that he had not yet done so, and they had only 35.4 minutes of playing time, and Durant had only 32 minutes, and the team had only four giants playing for 30 minutes. Look at the Cavaliers and James, eight games James did not have a game to get three cards punch off work Brian Gibbons Jerseys, he averaged 42.4 minutes of playing time, it is difficult to imagine a 32-year-old, in the league played 14 years veteran even side to bear such a high Load while playing gorgeous, efficient performance. Tyler - Lu so ruthless James is easy to understand Zachary Werenski Jerseys, no James, Knight's performance fell significantly. Playoffs James 45 minutes without the presence of the Cavaliers lost 18 points, 100 rounds of net negative 12.4 points. And when James was present, the Cavaliers won 95 points, 100 rounds of pure 14.3 points, so even ahead of the distal, Lu did not dare to start in the fourth quarter to let James rest, for fear of the team was reversed. It can be said that the knight is now the result of Lu branch of James in exchange for. In yesterday's game, when Beaver used a record three points to break the rocket's deadlock, he patted the heart, and then pointed to the sky Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys. The final Beverly get 10 points Brandon Saad Jerseys, 6 assists and 4 rebounds to help the Rockets to 125-104 victory over the Spurs, the series will be chasing a big championship 2-2 level. "We will pray for him 1000%," Harden said. "He is now with his family, so hope that when he comes back, he can try to sort out his emotions and prepare for the fifth game. , We will give him some time to let him and his family together.