Interestingly, this series of games are no suspense, the first four games averaged points difference of 21 points. "I have experienced such a series Markus Nutivaara Jerseys, both teams are filled with excellent players Luke Adam Jerseys, some night games are this way, then the next game is another way John Ramage Jerseys. Although Great Gasol was not surprised, but this series of blowout, still let Gordon surprise. "It's crazy," Gordon said, "I've never seen such a series. When the game slows down, the situation is biased towards them, and when you play fast, it will help us." Defense is the key to winning the playoffs, defensive Titans in the playoffs more prominent role Cam Atkinson Jerseys. Matt Haplin, the old jazz defense line gates, not only in the outside defense against Tracy McGrady, but also in the inside confrontation Yao Ming, is to make the rocket fans hate teeth, the current "star sign skills" to introduce you to Kazakhstan Prin's defense.