Like James - Harden, John - Wall, Isaiah - Thomas, Leonard Sergei Bobrovsky Jerseys, etc., they are slightly happy than James, got a three times punch card get off work, but in essence their respective teams and knights , Are very dependent on the first card star. Only the four giants of the Warriors do not exist this situation Oliver Bjorkstrand Jerseys, they can resort to too many weapons, even if the water muffled, they can also rely on Durant end of the game. Even if the warriors attack is limited, they can also rely on the defense to win. This is the reason for the Warriors alone. In addition to Beverly facing difficulties, the rocket is also facing a dilemma: the replacement center inside the injury has been reimbursed. With the inside of the absence, which means that the role of the second grader Harrell will increase. "Everyone else should stand out," said D'Antoni. Dean Tony said the other people, including Harrell Seth Jones Jerseys. In the Spurs series, Harrell played 4 Cam Atkinson Jerseys.6 minutes per game, get 1.3 points and 1 rebounds. "In some games this season, he changed the situation, so I want to see him improve his performance and see what he can do.