So far, Curry has three times three times to punch from get off work Anton Forsberg Jerseys, of which 2 from the first round to open the extension, 1 is the semi-finals to play jazz, his teammate Durant in the same with the pioneers of the series also had 1 time. Warriors have enough confidence to do so, they play eight games in the playoffs, seven games to reach the double-point difference, averaging 16.5 points victory over rivals. In the high-level data, the Warriors hundred rounds under the 114.4 points only lost 96.9 points, so that the true sense of the offensive and defensive balance. The same is 8 wins and 0 cut promotion Zach Werenski Jerseys, the strength of the Warriors significantly higher than the knights, can be described as laughing between the Qianglao ash fly away Boone Jenner Jerseys. Derek - Favors (Jazz): 5 in the 2,6 points. If Gobel is the annual jazz star, Phevos is the annual jazz disaster. Partial weight so that his injuries continue to recur, the regular season interview with Phevos said his desire is to finish the season. If this summer does not make a significant weight loss, Phevos in the league days will not be too long. ?Warriors beat the jazz with 121-95 away to 4-0 swept the opponent to qualify for the Western Conference finals. This is the Warriors for the third consecutive year into the final division, a team record, Kevin - Durant and Stephen - Curry each completed a milestone. Before the East Knight has 8 wins and 0 losses into the Eastern Conference finals, the Warriors swept the Jazz also get the start 8 wins and 0 losses Pierre-Luc Dubois Jerseys, since the 1983-84 season NBA follow the current playoff against the rules, this is the second time the two teams While the unbeaten record into the final division of the situation, the last time in the 1988-89 season, when the Pistons and the Lakers were swept the opponent in the first two rounds.